Sunday, May 29, 2016

Another Memorial Day @ Post Card Inn

The Old Cappy is running out of Words for this fishing! So let's try FANTASTIC now!
Even with all the boat traffic, weekend visitors, our full hotel, nothing seems to be stoping the Dolphin/Mahi bite--full racks all around with a good showing of Tripletail, Tuna, Bonita and ocean Barracuda.
On The Reef yesterday, I saw several excellent catches of Yellow Tail Snapper, Guess they were snapen too!
I normally don't say much about each boat I let thepictures speak for themselves , this time since the OLD CAPPY can't get the pictures transferd here --I have to give the Gold Reserve thier due on their evening shark/tarpon trip---9 sharks released, 2 out of three tarpon released! Busy, Busy, a good busy!
Got to get these young whippersnapper captains to start sending me more pictures from out on the water--pictures speak a thousand words-right?  Make it easy on the OLD CAPPY boys
heres a few for today!

Capt. Jon sure knows the Mahi marangay!
Jim and Holly from Mass.with a fine catch of Mahi and Tuna

School od Dolphin behind the boat begging to become fillete
a double full rack of Mahi

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Post Card Inn fishing report at the start of Memorial Day Weekend

The old Cappy is back after a few days off but I have kept up with the goin's on around the PCI dock!
Again short and sweet--it is a DOLPHIN/MAHI  spotlight!
FISHIN and CATCHIN, CATCHIN and FISHIN THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT THESE DAYS----I see a smattering of Triple tail and ocean Barracuda mixed in!
Half day-three quater or fullday they are all catching very well just a matter of how many filletes you want to take home with you
Stiil a few boats available for the weekend give us a jingle or stop down to the Dock and see for yourself!
now just a couple of pictures to whet your appetite!

How Did That AMBERJACK get in the picture about 50 pounds there about!

Another Double rack of Dolphin For the Drop Back--HMMMM GOOD!

Well like I said short and sweet
Get out and let's go fishin and catchin
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Post Card Inn --The Dolphin Headquaters in the Islamorada Florida

5/21--Was a red letter day for the offshore Charter boats at PCI-Every single boat had Maxed Out  in the Mahi/ dolphin department.
Lot's and Lot's of fish, lot's and lot's of smiles---the Kids that went, went nuts over all the action-- remember the children are the future , conserve today for those tommorrow!I have a few pictures but it was very busy here on the charter dock and the old cappy got a work out. 
another playbaby double play--double rack of dolphin
Even a a short halfday a fine catch of Mahi and a nice size tripletail
Danny, Jeremah, Nate, Rich, Gerard, Kevin from Denver, Colo  with a excellent catch of over 50 Mahi--great job!
You should have Dolphin/Mahi Fever by now--let's go fishing gang we have boats availble to make angling memories to take home with you from the Post Card Inn in Islamorada, Florida Keys!
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sat 5/21 @ The Post Card Inn Offshore Charter Fishing Center-uptown Islamorada, Fla.

What a day Yesturday as you will see from the pics at the end!
just a recap as the report was light thrusday--capt. easy had a cooler full of Yellowtail Snapper
sorry no pic there---
Dolphin was the main rod benders for all the boats--from 40 plus poundrs to full racks of delious eating schoolies  Wooo Hoooooo
There were bonita/tuna mixed and one wahoo--tight lines for most everone!

Smiles all around on the Gold Reserve, can we say dolphin dinner tonight
This is the Ferguson Enterprises Group from Tampa, Fla.
Oh boy Dolphin, Grouper, Snapper, Porgies--- nice job there Dru
Some Yellowtain Snapper there, Dolphin and a real nice Triple Tail
Guess it/s true about being the Early Bird
Did I say dolphin are hot right now , another beautiful job
 This broadbill Swordfish was caught earlier in the week on the Capt. Easy   It measured oput at 12feet & 1 inche using the math to calculate the weight it was 386 pounds 
The old Cappy sez  a "Whooper"

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Post Card Inn ---5/20/16-----fishing report

Good Morning all----just one picture today but the dolphin fishing has picked up with full racks for the guys who targeted them!
So this will be short and sweet--There were dolphin caught up to 45 pounds with blackfin  tuna mixed in and lot/s of schoolies for the dinner table!
Over on the reef side yellowtail snapper are still biting hot and heavy with a grouper or two mixed in
as well
I said short and sweet and there it is gang, plenty of tight lines!

The Hunt family with a 35 l;b. bull dolphin and a mix of schoolies and a 45lb. Amberjack

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

At the beautiful Postcard Inn we're reeling in all your favorite fish, from Grouper, Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin ), Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Tripletail Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Yellow Eye Snapper, Kingfish, Tuna, to Amberjack, Swordfish and catch and release Shark and Tarpon, so check out our fishing blog and book a trip today with the best Captain's and mates in the world, here at the most beautiful place in the Keys, here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada Florida Keys.

Captain Steve Leoplold and first mate Fred took these 4 anglers out for a good time aboard the Yabba Dabba Doo, reeling in  5 nice size Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 15 to a 45  pound Bull. Fantastic catch you guys !!!
What a treat, these 3 anglers are headed to Lazy days with their sweet catch, bringing in 1 Tuna , 1 Kingfish and over 15 sweet Yellowtail Snapper, all caught while aboard the play Baby with Captain Benny Spaulding and first mat e Rooster. Nice fishing everyone !!!

.Having a Blast for their 25 Anniversery these  2 love birds enjoy a day out aboard the Sassy lady with Captain Butch Green, bringing in not only their love for one another,but also some tasty fish, reeling in1 Kingfish a few Yelowtail Snapper and 3 mouth watering Grouper. Fantastic fishing love birds !!!!

Out with the boys, this angler take his kids out aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds and first mate Zack to bring in 2 Tuna and a rack full of Yellowtail Snapper. Great catch you guys !!!
Anglers Amy, Cindy ( not seen in picture ), Garry and Ralph took a split charter aboard the Capt. Easy with Captain  Bruce Andersen for some fun fishing and fun they had, reeling in 1 Amberjack, and a rack full of Vermilion Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper and Yellow Eye Snapper. Awesome fishing everyone !!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

From the POST CARD INN in Islamorada Florida , Capt. Cliff Sez for 5/14/16

Due to an unexpected mishap with the "Official Post Card Camera" there will just be a few pictures today.
It slipped out of the old cappy hands and fell into the charter basin, there was a big splash and the silver "Official Camera" I believe was swallowed by one of the 70-100 Pound tarpon that lives here, I thought I saw the flash going off so he may of been taking pictures of us!
I have one or two pictures that were emailed to us right from the boat  and they will be at the end.

It's a shame because every boat in the charter fleet here at PCI was booked and fishing,looking up and down the dock I can see just about every species represented with the mahi being the most caught.
Groupers, Yellowtail  Snapper some Blackfin tuna----Lot's of fine eating for supper!

An idea of what is going to happen over the next three months is this
The dolphin/mahi are just going to get better and better with that comes our offshore Billfish migration----everyone always thinks  Sailfish but it is time to think about " Big MO"[300lb +Blue Marlin] and his  littler cousin namely White Marlin!

The schoolie dolphin , Small blackfins, Bonita are out there in the rips and under the weed lines and that is what "big Mo" likes to eat.
The charter boats start fishing further offshore and the High Speed lures go into the water and your in the zone!
The added bonus is you get to catch those schoolies and tuna for the table and the freezer!
Your chances of catching a white or a blue is way up there----here is the skinny on it ---
one white has already been caught already on the Bad Habit---- sitings of Blue marlin are going on now but so far they have been finicky but they are SHOWING UP
Time to plan your Charter now and get your reservation set!

Another Summer/ Fall bill fish that gets better and better is Swordfish  both night and daytime and Post Card Inn  has a number of boats that love nothing more then to due battle with the Swords

All of this is going on at peak summer Charter season so you have to book your trip early!
Weekends go first so BOOK EARLY---the old cappy likes weekdays best ,less competition from other boats!

Book you Post Card Inn rooms when you book your Fishing Charter --large groups can be accommodated just book early!
Leave early in the Am and get back early to lounge by the pool with an adult beverage a short cast away!
 Football player Manuel Sanders and party evening Tarpon /Shark fishing on the Gold Reserve
 Nice catch od Bull Dolpin and schoolies aboard the Drop Back!

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