Saturday, June 25, 2016

Post Card Inn Sat--6/25 --fishing report--- WOW!

Hello all Anglers and Charter boats at Sea----Sorry guys had a minor issue with the puter yesterday and had to roll both reports into todays--- Thursday it was good fishing for some and outstanding for others ,the same with Friday----The Dolphin have moved out further with this calm weather and the Gulf Stream is hauling butt like it has some place to go!
Some boats had nice to full racks of Dolphin others elected to stay near the reef and yellowtail snapper catch---yes no typo there CATCH----they were biting their heads off!
Today Saturday we have a good easterly breeze and that should push those Mahi in closer and ready to bite, Time will tell, this afternoon will tell the story
We also have staying here at PCI the UM alumni and they Chartered Most of the boats and having their own little tournament--- let you know tomorrow how good a fishermen they are LOL!
Here's a few pictures for you

It's all about the smiles---take your family fishing


Nice Mahi there boys
It's a Bull, It's a Bull  Dolphin on the Gold Reserve

Well till tomorrow think HMMM ,that looks like fun , gonna take the family fishing but how do I make arraignments to do it
Simple you can either email us at   or  you can call
305-433-9942 and we will be happy to help you out at the Post Card Inn
see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

At the Postcard Inn not only would you catch a load of fish but you will also have the fishing time of your life, so come on down to the Beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida Keys and book your trip today !!!!

Check out this awesome catch, Captain Hayden ( Seen far left ) and first mate Coleman ( Seen far right ) had a awesome time with these 5 anglers, they reeled in 1 Tipletail Snapper, 1 Mutton Snapper and a load of Mahi Mahi ranging from 10 to a 30 pound Bull. Awesome catch everyone !!!
These 2 anglers show they have what it takes to fish by reeling in 1 angle fish 1 Amberjack, 2 Snappers and 7 Mahi ranging from 10 to a 20 plus Bull, all caught while aboard the First Choice with Captain Larry Wren. Nice fishing you guys !!!
From England the Fletcher Family take a trip aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds and first mate Zack to reel in these nice size Mahi ranging from 8 to a 15 pound Bull. Awesome fishing Fletcher Family !!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

fathers day at the Post Card Inn

I missed posting yesterday---it was busy, like today every boat was out who wanted to fish and the catches were good from what I could see   There were a couple of racks of dolphin to yellow tail snapper , Muttons, a large Black grouper [46 lbs.]  We also had The Guy Harvey tournament weigh in here and they had lot's of dolphin ,some to 35 pounds  , big Bonitas [haven't seen them that big in a long time],  and blackfin Tunas, I spoke with a few of the entrants and they had a great time and are looking forward to fishing this annual event again!

Back drop dolphin fever again, thia is John, Rob, Jeff. Richie and Bill with a fine catch of Dolphin and they released a Sailfish and lost an estimated 300 pound BLUE MARLIN---Whata Day!

More Guy Harvey-- Smilin Dolphins

46 pound Black Grouper   that got in the way of the "Bad Habit"

Here/s a Halfday catch from the Gold Reserve with Capt. Hayden at the helm --look at the limit of yellow tail snapper a mutten and a fine looking Margate -another nice job!-they have also been releasing lot's of Tarpon and Sharks on their evening trip--Hint,

Look at all the large dolphin caught in the Guy Harvey Tournement
The little guy must of caught the Blackfin Tuna looks like he doesn't want to let go!

Time to book a trip guys and gals easy as sending an email include your phone number and when you want to go and we can get you set up with a Charter at the Post Card Inn!

or 305-664-2321 and ask for the offshore charter booking office
"Old Cappy" is off for a few
good weather, tight lines and lot's of fillets
see ya!


Friday, June 17, 2016

6/17--"Cappy" back at the Post Card Inn Charter Dock

Had a few days off but tried to keep in touch with what is going on out on the "Rip"! As you all know the weather has been HOT and the seas for the most part CALM--- not a great combination but Most Charter Boat Captains persevered and had decent catches of Dolphin , Tripletail, Tuna, Bonita and Amberjack--oops almost forgot the Almaco jacks that started showing up in decent numbers--they are the smaller cousin of the Ambers!  Some of the boys on the shorter trips have been working from the reef out to the deeper depths and are getting a nice showing of Mutton Snapper and a few groupers, all good eating and hearty fighters! I will try to get a few pictures up now!

Dolphin Fever and a Wahoooooo from the Drop Back

Yellowtail snapper, Bonita, large Almaco Jacks and big smiles
Capt. Bruce makes it look so easy!
those boys look down right proud of themselves

now that's a pretty picture on the Capt. Easy

Get out on the water ,catch some din-din yourself--just email us and we can set up your dream trip
lot's of boats, lot's of Rooms here at the Post Card Inn in  Islamorada, Fla.
email us at

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Post Card Inn Sunday upate from the Charter boat fleet

Well to start things off we will go with the Dolphins---It was a excellent day for some of our Charter boats and a few found it hard to put up a full rack of fish. I saw some 20 pounders and nice sized schoolies , plenty good eating there!
There was the usual smattering of Blackfin Tuna and  Bonita and Tripletails, one boat even had a couple of Yellowfin Tuna, not giants but unusual for this time of the year!
The Captains here at PCI put the time in to be sure you get the best chances at catchin fish --they have had to go much further then earlier in the season to find the dolphin !
I am sure with a bit of a wind direction change and a blow a bit harder the dolphin will be in closer and biting better, sometimes that is all it takes.
Now for some billfish reports---as I said yesterday the summer time pattern appeared to be in full swing  well the Gold Reserve caught and released a 170-180 pound Blue Marlin ,great job Capt. Hayden!
The Phoebe brought in to the dock a 200 pound BROADBILL SWORDFISH, fishing in the daytime, plus had some dolphin and raced back to the reef for a dozen nice sized Yellowtail Snapper, now that is a busy day !
The Priority also dropped for Swords and hooked up a couple but pulled the hooks on them!  Dang it!

Wally and Kathi , a happy couple on the way in on the Drop Back
So you can now get the feeling that it is not all just Dolphin fishing, the summer billfish season is here now!

Kathi on the Drop Back with her Beautiful Bull Dolphin
Kathi and husband Wally with a rack of Dolphin and a couple of yellowfin tuna mixed in!


All right now guys and gals, time to give us a jingle on the phone or email us here at the Post Card Inn  and set up your own Charter , Stop looking and readin about it, let's get to fishin---full day,3/4 day, half day trips are available
305-664-2321 ask of the offshore booking office or email us at

The "OLD CAPPY" is off for the next few days so I'll give you a report hopefully next Friday, tight lines and sweet fishing dreams



Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's a Dolphin weekend at the Post Card Inn --6/11

It's lonely here at the PCI dock this Saturday---- All the Charter boats are out and if yesterday was a clue , Catchin,  Catchin, Catchin!  The Dolphin/Mahi have started biting again,  kept an eye out yesterday and saw fish ranging from large Schoolies all the way up to around 45 pounds!
It is not just Dolphin now being caught but Blackfin Tuna. Bonita, Tripletail and still an occasional Wahoo--variety the spice of life!
Everyone keeps asking the "Old Cappy" how far, how deep, what lure/bait, well I can't give away my brother Captains secerts  but I will say just this, keep your eyes open at all times!
It also looks like the summertime pattern for billfish is setting in so you have got a good shot of catching one with a beak on it!  Sailfish have been Caught and released this past week offshore while looking for Dolphin> have reports of Blue and White Marlin being seen but  no hook-ups there 
here's a heart breaker for you---one3 of our charter boats hooked up a Broadbill Swordfish of around 250-300 pounds and fought him for over 2 and a half hours, had him almost to the gaff, just needed an inch or so more to sink the gaff, well the Broadbill sounded ,wenr deep and as they were working him back up from the depths the dang hook pulled out! told you it was a heart breaker!
I believe we have one or two charter boats out today Looking for a Sword!
Still good catches of Yellowtail snappers on the reef and out deeper vermillion snappers and yellow eye snapper with a few muttons and grouper mixed in !---Yummy for the tummy!
Looks like Adriano caught all of them on the Drop Back
NOW that's a lot of Bull On the Capt. Easy!
When we release a billfish now we take a picture of the flag at the dock--nice going guys
Here's the sail just before release on the water, on the Capt. Easy
Going to try to insert a few pics for you--hope for the best folks!

From the Charter boat Drop Back, father and son Chris Harmon and son Adriano


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Come join our Captain's and mates for some great fishing here at Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida Keys.

As you can see, it was a good day for these 3 anglers, they went out with Captain John Taskowitz aboard the Suzanne Too to reel in 5 nice size Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 10 all the way up to a 35 plus Bull. Awesome catch you guys !!!!

These 2 anglers are ready to cook up some fish, out with Captain Jon Reynolds and first mate Zack aboard the Drop Back, they reeled in 2 Tripletail Snapper and a rack load of Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 8 to a 15 pound Bull. Great catch you guys !!!

Captain Larry Wren took these 5 anglers out for some fishing fun aboard the First Choice, reeling in 6 Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 8 to a 15 pound Bull plus 1 catch and release Sailfish. Nice fishing you guys !!!!

Enjoying a day out with family and friends, these 5 anglers had a awesome time aboard the Legasea with Captain Joey Spaulding spiking up 3 Nice size Amberjack and a load of Yellowtail Snapper. Nice fishing everyone !!!!
Captain Benny Spaulding ( Seen far left ) took these 6 anglers out for some mahi ( Dolphin ) and look at their catch , they reeled in a load of Mahi ranging from 8 to a 30 plus Bull. Awesome catch everyone !!!