Friday, April 29, 2016

Come join us here at the Postcard Inn @ Holiday Isle, Islamorada (The fishing capital of the world) for a awesome day of fishing.

WHAT A CATCH! A blue Marlin caught on the "Bad Habit" with Capt. Duane         Dozer and first mate Tommy (on right)
What a team of anglers aboard the "Legasea" with Capt. Joey Spaulding (right).
Jim, Frank, Donny and Mike from NY traveled a long way to catch 6 Tuna's 1 weighing almost 15 lbs and a couple of Mahi Mahi
This one happy bunch, Dan, Joe, Chris, and Ray from Dallas and Miami aboard the "Capt Easy" with Capt Bruce Anderson and first mate Brad. Now they are off to have a delicious fish dinner.
Like father like son. Capt Jon Reynolds from the "Drop Back" son Husdson and his friends from Pheonix AZ Mateo and Angelo caught this beautiful Mahi Mahi.
Those are some big Amberjacks caught by Rick, Peter, Nick and Mark aboard the Phoebe with Capt. Frank Drudi and his first mate Jason

This was the Ultimate Dream for Haydee from Houston, Texas. Catching this 35.8 lb King Mackeral aboard the "Ultimate Dream"  with Capt. Scott Bannerot was more than she ask for.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

At the beautiful Postcard Inn, we're reeling in all the fish you like, from Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin ), Blackfin Tuna, Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Catch and release Sailfish, Shark and Tarpon to Bone Fish and Permit, so come join the fun here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida Keys.

Your look at some happy anglers ,anglers Michelle, Steve and Bill came in with 3 Blackfin Tuna and 9 Mahi ( Dolphin) ranging from 10 to a 25 pound Bull , caught while aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds and first mate Zack. Awesome catch everyone !!!

Looking for the Mahi ( Dolphin ) these 3 anglers went out to sea aboard the Gold Reserve with Captain Hayden ( Seen far left ) and first mate Coleman to reel in 1 Blackfin Tuna and 6 Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 10 to 15 pounds. Nice catch everyone !!!
Angler Alex took a poss for the camera with his nice size Permit, caught while aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds and first mate Zack. Nice catch Alex !!!

Top and Bottom left these 2 anglers had a fantastic time fishing Back Country aboard the Skins and Fins with Captain Ted Benbow, they reeled in these 2 nice size Bone Fish and even got a chance to reel in and release this beautiful Lemon Shark.Great fishing you guys.

 Another Shark caught and released, but this time it was on the Gold Reserve with Captain Kevin Brown  ( seen reeling in the shark ). Great fishing everyone !!!

Down from Tampa angler Alex take a trip aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds and first mate Zack ( Seen far left ) to reel in this nice size Permit. Great fishing Alex !!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Is it a good day for fishing?? EVERYDAY is a great day of fishing here at the Postcard Inn @ Holilday Isle located in Islamorada, (fishing capital of the world) in the fabulous Keys

What a great day on the Early Bird catch this delicious Swordfish and Mahi Mahi

Chris and Amanda Zischka are Islamorada locals that decided to do a day of fishing with Capt. Jeff Pursley (right) aboard the vessel Island Time. They caught 11 Mahi Mahi! They will be enjoy some fish dinners for quite awhile

Well Alex and Jim from Arizona had a couple of great days of fishing aboard the Drop Back with Capt Joh Reynolds

Day 1 - A mix bag of Yellowtail Mahi Mahi and caught and release a Sailfish
Good job Alex and Jim

Day 2 - ....Way to go guys!

The Greene  Family from Boco Roton with 2 Mahi Mahi, one weighing over 28 pounds
We have Joe, Mark, Frank, and Nick from Ohio showing off their catch of 12 Mahi Mahi, Mutton snapper. Capt Jason (2nd from right) and his 2 mates (far left) did a great job in assisting
Just about 100 pounds of Mah Mahi caught aboard the Sassy Lady by Dennis, Andy, and Bob
Nice Job GuyS!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Come have fun reeling in Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin ),Wahoo, Kingfish, Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Bonita, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Grouper, along with catch and release Sailfish and shark with he best Captain's and mates in the world at the most beautiful place in the Keys here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida Keys.

Fighting with the Mahi ( Dolphin ) this angler took on a monster and won, reeling in this 45 pound Bull caught while aboard the First Choice with Captain Larry Wren and first mate Kiki ( Seen far right ). Awesome catch you guys !!!

These 5 anglers had a taste for Yellowtail Snapper, So Captain Chuck Schimmelman aboard the Dee Cee took them out to the reef to reel in a rack to cooler full of  nice size Yellowtail Snapper. Fantastic fishing everyone !!!

This young angler had a great time with Captain Hayden and first mate Coleman reeling in this nice size Mahi ( Dolphin ). nice catch you guys !!!

Captain Ross Early took anglers Steve and George out to sea aboard the Early Bird to bring in and spike up 3 Skipjack Tuna  and over 15 Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 8 to a 30 pound Bull. Awesome fishing George and Steve !!!

Aboard the First Choice with Captain Larry Wren and first mate Kiki are anglers Gary, Gary and Ryan they went out to the Reef to reel in 1 Mahi ( Dolphin ) and over 20 Yellowtail Snapper, Fantastic catch you guys !!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

If you want to fish with the BEST, come join us at the Postcard Inn @ Holiday Isle, Islamorada (THE FISHING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD) in the fabulous Floriday Keys.

Capt Easy had a great start to the new week

Monty from Michigan and Sean from Davie, FL made a fine team catching 3 Amberjack, and 1 Blackfin tuna aboard the Capt Easy with the assistance of Capt. Bruce Anderson (below far left) and First mate Jessica (far right) One of the Amberjack was Whopping 101 lbs     NICE JOB!!!!!! 

With the help of first mate Brad, this sailfish was caught and released aboard the Capt/Easy

Mike, Tim, Barry, and Kyle aboard the Capt Easy


Marion, Cap, George, Mike & Cliff aboard the Drop Back with Capt. John Reynolds. WOW! Look at all those Yellowtail snapper not to mention that 35lb Bull Dorado (Mahi Mahi)


 The Everett's from Florida got their limit of Yellowtail snapper
Marty & Lenycha Butz vacationing here at the Beautiful Postcard Inn Resort came all the way from Arizona to catch some Bonita, Blackfin tuna and a gigantic 65lb Amber

Bruce with his son Matt came all the way from N.J. to fish on the Phoebe with Capt Frank Drudi and Jason his mate.
They caught Yellowtail snapper, Trigerfish, and a 24lb Mutton snapper

What a awesom day for Dan, Leo, Yash, and Nat on the Play Baby with Capt Benny and Capt John

TAILS TAILS AND MORE TAILS with Capt Joey (left) and Capt John (right)


Blackfin tuna with first mate Coleman aboard the Gold Reserve with Capt. Hayden
No you are not seeing double. TWO nice Wahoo's caught on Gold Reserve