Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If you like Sailfishing come down to the beautiful Postcard Inn and fish with the Big Boy's , we're reeling them in, along with Kingfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Grouper and Cobia, they are all here, so come book a trip today with the best Captains and mates in the world, here at the most beautiful place in the Key's, here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida Key's.

 On the Bad Habit with Captain Duane Dozer, angler Brent Bounce ( Seen top right ) came down with a few friends ( Seen Bottom right ) for some Sailfish, reeling in and releasing these 2 nice size Sailfish. Awesome catch you guys !!!!!
This angler had a great time aboard the Gold Reserve with Captain Hayden and first mate Coleman ( seen far left ) they reeled in and release this beautiful Sailfish. Great catch you guys !!!

On the Gold Reserve this angler pulled in this nice size Kingfish along with a few Mangrove Snapper. Nice catch everyone !!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Post Card Inn Charter Fleet Fishing Report

You want to catch a sail-- NOW IS THE TIME--2-5 sailfish per trip per boat --Halfday, fullday it didn't matter , they were there and chewing! Now I am not going to sugar coat it ,it was quite breezy and bumpy but that is what the sails like , they were up in those waves and looking for food!
Can't forget The reef fishing here in Islamorada after some charters got their sailfishing done the spent some time fishing the reef and the catches there were excellent also---yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, mangrove snapper, kingfish , a few groupers and bonita thrown in also--- I should mention also that there are still dolphin and blackfin tuna being caught while slow trolling !
Post Card Inn  Charter Captains have been working their butts off putting smiles on their clients faces!
Only have one pic it is from the Gold Reserve

 You can see here Capt. Haden  release a sail ,caught dolphin, bonita and patch fished for the Mangrove snapper-- great job !
Make  your plans , make your reservations for your charter and rooms here at the Post Card Inn located here in Islamorada, Florida Keys
Always easy to do just give us a call--- Offshore----305-433-9942---backcountry---305-433-9941
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Room reservations --front desk---305-664-2321
phones and computers are starting to ring so I hope you are the next person we say "Welcome to the Post Card Inn"
This is the "Old Cappy" signing off for now---tight lines everyone

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Post Card Inn Charter fishing fleet action report

Hello to all the angulars out there! Post Card Inn wants you to be advised that the fishing here in Islamorada, Florida is off the HOOK  Baby!
The Catches this week by our Charter fishing fleet have been excellent! Sailfish have been the main attraction but we can't play down the limit catches of yellowtail snapper and Kingfish .
Kingfish in the 20 pound class have been caught also---still a surprise are the Dolphin , they have been showing up here and there and when things are just right you catch a rack full---I guess no one has clued them in that it is wintertime here and they should be way south --oh well We will take anyway we can ,right?
In the mix also are Blackfin Tuna , Bonita, groupers, Mutton Snappers so a well rounded out catch is being brought in.
I just have a couple of pictures to post----Please remember any sailfish pictures you see where the angler and mate are holding the fish IT IS RELEASED ALIVE to fight another day --our Captains and Mates go to great pains to make sure the sailfish is revived and healthy when released! 

A very Brightly colored "Bad Habit" sailfish

Nice Blackfin Tuna on the "Gold Reserve"

To book your own very own "DREAM FISHING TRIP" just give us a call at
305-433-9942 for the offshore booking office
305-422-9941 for the backcountry booking agent
You may also email us at

Make your hotel  reservations at -305-664-2321
Islamorad fishing right now is hot , come on down
The "OLD CAPPY" signing off for today

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

At the Postcard Inn we're reeling in your favorite fish, from Grouper, Kingfish, Amberjack, Cobia, Barracuda, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Blackfin Tuna, along with Catch and release Sailfish and Shark, so come book a trip with us today at the beautiful place in the Key's, here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida Key's.

8 year old Hudson Reynolds ( Seen center ) went out with his uncle Brian Reynolds  ( See far left ) and Janice Dimmer ( Seen far right ) to reel in 2 Amberjack along with Kingfish, Mahi that's was 20 pounds and 1 catch and release Sailfish, all caught aboard the Drop Back. Awesome catch everyone !!!

From New Jersey angler Fred  ( Seen far left ) took a trip aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds to bring in his first catch and release Sailfish ( 2 out of 4 ) Nice catch Fred !!!

Aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds anglers Hudson and uncle  Brain Reynolds help little Hudson Reynolds reel in his first Kingfish. Great catch Hudson !!!