Sunday, November 27, 2016

11/27/16---short post from the PCI Backcountry Dock in Islamorada Fla.


I have just heard the many of you didn't know we also have Backcountry guides here at the Post Card Inn---for those of you that are looking for calmer waters and looking to catch quality fish on light tackle then this might be just the ticket for you! Our guides fish often in the Everglades National Park, lot's of scenery, birds and sometimes alligators  not to mention fish
I am going to post some pics now courtesy of Capt. Ted and Captain Donnie Benbow

Call it Back Country Sunday! 








Guys and Dolls are catching in the Back country,  Snook, Redfish, Tarpon , Bonefish are just waiting for you
Leave from the Post Card inn Back country dock closest entrance to the Everglades National Park!
You Can Book your Offshore or Back country here by phone or email
By Phone offshore-- 305-433-9942--- Back Country- 305-433-9941
Email is
Post Card Inn Reservations ---305-664-2321

Longer then I thought it would be till next time the "Old Cappy " has gone fishin 1

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

At the beautiful Postcard Inn we're bringing in Dolphin ( Mahi Mahi ), Blackfin Tuna, Grouper, Kingfish, Snapper and catch and release Sailfish, so come on down and book your trip today with the best Captain's and mates in the world, here at the most beautiful place in the Keys, here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Ilse, Islamorada , Florida Keys.

Showing all smiles, these 2 anglers show off  their catch and release Sailfish, caught while aboard the Bad Habit with Capt. Duane Dozer. Great catch you two !!!
What a day for these 6 anglers they went out and killed it, reeling in this nice rack, Blackfin Tuna and a laod of Mahi Mahi. Nice catch you guys !!!
These 3 anglers went out to the reef aboard the Drop Back with Capt. Jon Reynolds to spike up 2 Snapper and a load of Blackfin Tuna. Great catch you guys !!!
On the Bad Habit with Capt. Duane Dozer, these 3 anglers got a taste of this nice weather along with a nice rack of fish, reeling in over 10 Mahi and 12 Blackfin Tuna. Fantastic fishing you guys
These 5 anglers took a trip out to sea with Capt. Jon Reynolds aboard the Drop Back to reel in 4 nice size Dolphins. Awesome catch you guys !!!


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Post Card Inn --saturday-11/5--islamorada fishing report

Good Morning Everybody out there in internet land and all those arm chair fishermen and women!
Well it's Saturday and quiet here on the Post Card Inn Dock---It is a beautiful day here, not a cloud in the sky with warm and gentle breezes---the palm trees are just barely moving and the temp is just about 80 degrees!
So get with the fishing report Cappy--- I will ,I will!
We still got boats in the boatyard and maintenance going on but we did get 3 boats off the dock on Friday and I will tell you right now IMO results were excellent 1 boat was a halfday and the other 2 were full days.

SEVEN yes  that's right 7 Sailfish Caught and released to catch another day! Fantabulous , I mentioned in my last report that I thought it was going to be a great year for the sails and it just might be right on the money!
There was also a smattering of dolphin, blackfin tuna , bonita , kingfish and yellowtail snappers in the mix as well with main effort put in on the Sails!
A darn good day all round!
Alas nobody took any PICTURES---gotta get these guys on the stick here, get those action shots
Let's get those vacation dates set up ---book your travel plans, book your Post Card Inn rooms and most importantly your CHARTER DATES !
Capt. Cliff  [ the "Old Cappy"] , Capt. Kim and Tony are here in the booking office manning the phones and scanning the emails---ready to take your Charter bookings!

To book you Charter dates   just phone us or send an email and we will be happy to help you
 offshorebooking@holidayisle .com   or call 305- 433-9942  this is the fastest method to reach us.
To reserve your accommodations here at PCI or any of our other 3 sister resort properties here in Islamorada  you can call us at 305-664-2321
I hope  I will have some pictures for you tomorrow , see you then