Sunday, November 27, 2016

11/27/16---short post from the PCI Backcountry Dock in Islamorada Fla.


I have just heard the many of you didn't know we also have Backcountry guides here at the Post Card Inn---for those of you that are looking for calmer waters and looking to catch quality fish on light tackle then this might be just the ticket for you! Our guides fish often in the Everglades National Park, lot's of scenery, birds and sometimes alligators  not to mention fish
I am going to post some pics now courtesy of Capt. Ted and Captain Donnie Benbow

Call it Back Country Sunday! 








Guys and Dolls are catching in the Back country,  Snook, Redfish, Tarpon , Bonefish are just waiting for you
Leave from the Post Card inn Back country dock closest entrance to the Everglades National Park!
You Can Book your Offshore or Back country here by phone or email
By Phone offshore-- 305-433-9942--- Back Country- 305-433-9941
Email is
Post Card Inn Reservations ---305-664-2321

Longer then I thought it would be till next time the "Old Cappy " has gone fishin 1

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