Wednesday, April 26, 2017

At Postcard Inn, the Dolphins are here !!!! along with Kingfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna, Bonita, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper and don't forget catch and release Sailfish, Tarpon and Shark, so come on down to the Key's and book a trip with the best Captains and mates in the world, here at the most beautiful place in the Key's, here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn !!

These 6 anglers wanted to do some catch and release Tarpon and Shark so they took a trip aboard the Gold Reserve with Captain Hayden and first mate Coleman ( seen bottom left ) to reel in and release  this beautiful Tarpon. Awesome catch everyone !!!

Out for some Mahi Mahi, these 2 anglers reeled in this nice rack of Mahi ( Dolphin ), caught while aboard the the Gold Reserve with Captain Hayden and first mate Coleman. Great catch you guys !!!

From Minnesota to the Florida Key's, these 4 anglers went out aboard the Drop Back with Captain Jon Reynolds to reel in 2 Amberjack and 10 Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 10 to 15 pounds. Nice catch everyone !!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Post Card Inn --2/28-- fishing rep[ort--Islamorada Fl.

Well it has been a tough week here at the Post Card Inn Charter Dock ---The weather was just against us --lot's of wind and some rain --- a few boats did manage to get out with some hearty fishermen--The catches have been fair to excellent --with sailfish , dolphin [mahi] , blackfin Tuna and all the reef fish, snapper and grouper, bonita , cero mackerel, porgies and so forth!
The weather today is improving by the hour and looks like it is going to be a pretty week here!
The Capt. Easy downloaded a bunch of pictures from the past week and I will let you peruse them!
I wish more of our Captains would do the same for your enjoyment! 

Extra large Blackfin Tunas

extra large Black Grouper-- so sorry not grouper season and he was released
big muttons are still around

beautiful Sailfish released to fight another day

now that's a lot of Bull--  Dolphin that is!

Fine looking Mutton Snapper---yummy in the tummy!

You can see by these "Capt. Easy" pictures that there is plenty of various species around to keep you more then amused  You just need to book a charter to catch the dream of a lifetime!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

At the Postcard Inn we're reeling in Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin ) Kingfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna, Bonita, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper along with catch and release Sailfish, Grouper and Shark, so come on down and fish with the best Captains and mates in the world, here at the most beautiful place in the Key's, here at the one and only, the beautiful Postcard Inn.

The Lakey Family took a trip with Captain Jon Reynolds aboard the Drop Back to reel in 1 Kingfish, 1 Mutton Snapper, a load of Yellowtail Snapper and 6 Mahi ( Dolphin ) ranging from 10 to a 30 pound Bull. Awesome catch Lakey Family !!!

On the Gold Reserve with Captain Hayden, this angler shows off his nice  size Mutton Snapper.  Great catch you guys !!!

This angler shows his tasty Blackfin Tuna, caught while aboard the Gold Reserve with Captain Hayden. Nice catch you guys !!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017




there was a 42 pound bull dolphin caught on the "Phoebe" and a number of full racks of Dolphin brought in Yesterday!
just one pic for now
That's no such a "Bad Habit" at all!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Come book a trip with us here at the one and only , the beautiful Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle, Islamorada, Florida Key's.

Here at the Beautiful Postcard Inn, Captain Ross Early ( See far right ) and first mate Justine ( Seen second from left ) took these 3 anglers out aboard the Early Bird to reel in 1 Triple Tail Snapper, 1 Amberjack, 8 Mahi ( Dolphin ) and 1 monster Sword Fish. Awesome catch you guys !!!
Captain Duane Doze from the Bad Habit Charters, took these 2 anglers out for some Mahi, ( Dolphin ) reeling in this nice rack , 20 in total. Nice catch you guys !!!!!

From Colorado to the Florida Key's , anglers Solas and Leo jumped aboard the Drop Back to reel in a load of Yellowtail Snapper. Awesome fishing Solas and Leo !!!!

On the Gold Reserve, Captain Hayden took these anglers out, to bring in 2 Bonita, 2 Blackfin Tuna, 4 Mutton Snapper and 14 Mahi ( Dolphin ). Great catch you guys !!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Good Morning everyone----what a day it was yesterday--Let's start out with the Bill fish!
There were TWO Broadbill Swordfish landed at the dock!
"First Choice" had a nice Sword and the "Early Bird" had a Swordfish about 250 lbs.
Conditions were perfect for the daytime Sword fishing and the results proved it!
Sorry about no pictures those swords are impressive---I also saw a sailfish flag flying so there were spindle beaks in shallower also.
For those who ventured not quite to the sword grounds ,they found some decent catches of dolphin and tuna---it is a bit early for the Mahi but nothing is ever written in stone as to when the fish get here--lets. hope it is an early run of Mahi !
On the reef the yellowtail snappers and mutton are snapping along with an occasional grouper, some kingfish, bonita ,and cero mackerel are mixed in!
Fishing is just getting better and better as the spring goes on!
Let's go fishin , come on down to the Post Card Inn located in Islamorada Florida---Sportfishing Capital of the World
Just a couple of pics for you today!
I think she is already thinking "what a tasty Mutton snapper this is---caught on the "Gold Reserve"

Now that is a pretty dolphin, the blue pectoral fins, vertical bars, green and yellow --hope he got it mounted--that is a "Gold Reserve" dolphin

Come on down book a trip --stop wishin and dreamin , start catchin!
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See you next time!
Cappys clear!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sat @ the Post Card Inn---April ! st and it is no joke

Hello Everybody
Post Card Inn Charter Captains fishing report is going to be mainly Pictures today as we are busy here with fishermen !
The bite is good , catching is fine with lot's of variety--- smattering of Dolphin here and there, Groupers Tuna ,wahoo , snappers, kingfish, cobia, SAILFISH! good variety here at the POST CARD INN!
Now some Pictures

Matching BIG Blackfin tunas
Yellow Tai Snapper delight on the Drop Back
Now That Amberjack Is as big as this young Man, Maybe bigger!
caught on the Drop Back

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till next time good fishing!