Sunday, October 30, 2016

PCI fishing report on Sun--10/30/16

Live from the Post Card Inn in Beautiful Islamorada Florida---the weather is starting to improve slowly but those that did venture out on the briny deep had a pretty good day yesterday--there were dolphin tuna, bonita and snappers to  caught--there were a few pictures sent to me and I will put them up at the end.
Just to let everyone know the annual Islamorada Sailfish tournament  is coming up in just about a month and indications so far seem to be that it is going to be a good year for the old spindle beaks!
So even if you don't fish the tournaments  a sailfish charter with one of our charter boats would be a fun way to spend the day--when you see that first tail walking jump , you will be hooked too!
 On the reef there will be snapper, king fish. grouper, mackerel ,jack crevelle , also this time in Dec/Jan there are Marauding Wahoo some of them quite large and don't forget the cobia --these winter time fish are all on the Charter boats radar!  So come on down!
Here are some pictures for you
Caught on the gold reserve with Capt. Hayden

Mom's going to love getting that sweatshirt in the was after all that Blackfin tuna love going on!

Did I mention it was one of the two boys birthday , turned 13 and this fishin trip was his present
Blackfin madness on the Gold Reserve!

Purdy permit Capt. Donnie Benbow guided his angler to in the backcountry

Holy Permit Batman Capt. Donnie did it again

Time for evey Ghost and Goblin out there to stop rattling those chains. take the sheets off and book yourselves a charter down here at the Post Card Inn --it is fishin time now trick and treatin is just about done for this year
To book your trip give us a call at 305-433-9942 or drop an email our way---
To make a reservation for a room you can call reservations @ 305-664-2321
well the "old Cappy" is signing off to work on his own boat , see you next Friday!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Post Card Inn fishing repoert is back on line and alive and well !

Hello all the "Old Cappy " is back at the keyboard reporting on the Fishing Fleet here at the Post Card Inn in  Islamorada, Florida---Well we have been offline for about 2 months or so and instead of trying to type all the reports --I think I will try to post a pictorial review of what went on---just to let you know it is Saturday 10/29/16 and the weather is not great , a bit of a breeze and drizzle so not too many boats are out and a bunch of them are in the boatyard for their annual maintenance for the upcoming season----book early it is going to be a great one by all indications !
sailfishing this past week on the Drop Back

Vermillion snappers --great eating --din-din time

3 sails, mutton Snappers, and Dolphin  Fantastic Capt. Jon

Let's not forget the backcountry, this nice Tarpon was caught with Capt. Donnie Benbow on Fly and released to grow into a full grown Silver King

Dolphin, tuna rainbow runner caught with Capt. Hayden on the Gold Reserve

More  GR Dolphin

Dolphin, Mutton Snapper, and another Sailfish Released

All these pics are from when we were off line !
I hope I can have a report for you tomorrow , there are a couple of boats out and maybe they will send me some pictures

We are back and ready for you and your guests, family , business conferences, we got the boats , we got the rooms at Post Card Inn , now we just need you all to make your reservations
want to book a charter ---give us a call here at 305-433-9942 or email us at
Room reservations call 305-664-2321
The fishing lines are getting tighter everyday see you soon