Friday, July 1, 2016

Post Card Inn fishing report for 7/1/16

Hello all you anglers out there, well what are you doing here reading this , you should be out on the rip catching those Dolphin and Tuna!
Yes they have picked up and in slightly closer, I observed good catches of them yesterday as our Post Card Inn Charter fleet came in around 3 o'clock .Let's see there was also a wahoo,Amberjacks, Almaco Jacks and big Bonita! There were full racks of fish for the most part ---there were also those who stayed close and caught yellow tail snapper and they had a smattering of Dolphin mixed in ---Plenty of Smiles and plenty of Fillets for all!
Now it is the July fourth weekend so it is anybodies guess with all the traffic what it will bring fishing wise today Time will tell!
Now Some Pictures enjoy then book a charter here at the Post Card Inn!
Evening Tarpon Fishing on the Gold Reserve
First Choice --Dolphin and Snowy Grouper
Big Jack Crevelle--First Choice again

that's a good Mutton Snapper caught on the First Choice

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Tight lines till thwe next time!


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