Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's a Dolphin weekend at the Post Card Inn --6/11

It's lonely here at the PCI dock this Saturday---- All the Charter boats are out and if yesterday was a clue , Catchin,  Catchin, Catchin!  The Dolphin/Mahi have started biting again,  kept an eye out yesterday and saw fish ranging from large Schoolies all the way up to around 45 pounds!
It is not just Dolphin now being caught but Blackfin Tuna. Bonita, Tripletail and still an occasional Wahoo--variety the spice of life!
Everyone keeps asking the "Old Cappy" how far, how deep, what lure/bait, well I can't give away my brother Captains secerts  but I will say just this, keep your eyes open at all times!
It also looks like the summertime pattern for billfish is setting in so you have got a good shot of catching one with a beak on it!  Sailfish have been Caught and released this past week offshore while looking for Dolphin> have reports of Blue and White Marlin being seen but  no hook-ups there 
here's a heart breaker for you---one3 of our charter boats hooked up a Broadbill Swordfish of around 250-300 pounds and fought him for over 2 and a half hours, had him almost to the gaff, just needed an inch or so more to sink the gaff, well the Broadbill sounded ,wenr deep and as they were working him back up from the depths the dang hook pulled out! told you it was a heart breaker!
I believe we have one or two charter boats out today Looking for a Sword!
Still good catches of Yellowtail snappers on the reef and out deeper vermillion snappers and yellow eye snapper with a few muttons and grouper mixed in !---Yummy for the tummy!
Looks like Adriano caught all of them on the Drop Back
NOW that's a lot of Bull On the Capt. Easy!
When we release a billfish now we take a picture of the flag at the dock--nice going guys
Here's the sail just before release on the water, on the Capt. Easy
Going to try to insert a few pics for you--hope for the best folks!

From the Charter boat Drop Back, father and son Chris Harmon and son Adriano


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