Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's a fishing weekend at the Post Card Inn

To start off , the "old Capp" wants to thank the Nolan group for being here, they stayed at PCI and had quite a few boats chartered !They caught Doliphin ,tuna, jack and released a sail ---Sailfish honors go to the First Choice, who also had some nice sized dolpnin-- the other boats in the group picked away at the Dolphin and most had fine catches by days end,---The whole charter fleet was booked and did about the same.I saw some fish up to 35 pounds---I heard tell the YabbaDabbaDoo with Capt. Steve at the wheel released an estimated 500 pound MAKO Shark, now that's a WOPPER!
On the reef side the yellowtail snapper were a little picky, more then likely just it being the weekend and all th traffic---Today is sunday and there won't be quite as much boats out there as it is breezy and that breeze makes for better fishing all round!
The Drop Back sent me a picture this morning and I will see if I can overcome this technolgy
This is John Slater SR and JR with Jason from Homestead Fl. with 20 Mahi up to 25 pounds


This has been posted before but it just reminds the "OLD CAPPY" of his days in the pit--gets the juices flowin!
Want to book your own days to remember then just send us an email and we will set up a memory for you

Tight lines and happy dreams!

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