Saturday, June 25, 2016

Post Card Inn Sat--6/25 --fishing report--- WOW!

Hello all Anglers and Charter boats at Sea----Sorry guys had a minor issue with the puter yesterday and had to roll both reports into todays--- Thursday it was good fishing for some and outstanding for others ,the same with Friday----The Dolphin have moved out further with this calm weather and the Gulf Stream is hauling butt like it has some place to go!
Some boats had nice to full racks of Dolphin others elected to stay near the reef and yellowtail snapper catch---yes no typo there CATCH----they were biting their heads off!
Today Saturday we have a good easterly breeze and that should push those Mahi in closer and ready to bite, Time will tell, this afternoon will tell the story
We also have staying here at PCI the UM alumni and they Chartered Most of the boats and having their own little tournament--- let you know tomorrow how good a fishermen they are LOL!
Here's a few pictures for you

It's all about the smiles---take your family fishing


Nice Mahi there boys
It's a Bull, It's a Bull  Dolphin on the Gold Reserve

Well till tomorrow think HMMM ,that looks like fun , gonna take the family fishing but how do I make arraignments to do it
Simple you can either email us at   or  you can call
305-433-9942 and we will be happy to help you out at the Post Card Inn
see you tomorrow!

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