Sunday, May 29, 2016

Another Memorial Day @ Post Card Inn

The Old Cappy is running out of Words for this fishing! So let's try FANTASTIC now!
Even with all the boat traffic, weekend visitors, our full hotel, nothing seems to be stoping the Dolphin/Mahi bite--full racks all around with a good showing of Tripletail, Tuna, Bonita and ocean Barracuda.
On The Reef yesterday, I saw several excellent catches of Yellow Tail Snapper, Guess they were snapen too!
I normally don't say much about each boat I let thepictures speak for themselves , this time since the OLD CAPPY can't get the pictures transferd here --I have to give the Gold Reserve thier due on their evening shark/tarpon trip---9 sharks released, 2 out of three tarpon released! Busy, Busy, a good busy!
Got to get these young whippersnapper captains to start sending me more pictures from out on the water--pictures speak a thousand words-right?  Make it easy on the OLD CAPPY boys
heres a few for today!

Capt. Jon sure knows the Mahi marangay!
Jim and Holly from Mass.with a fine catch of Mahi and Tuna

School od Dolphin behind the boat begging to become fillete
a double full rack of Mahi

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