Sunday, May 8, 2016

If you want to catch fish, come fish with us at the Postcard Inn @ Holiday Isle, Islamorada (fishing capital of the world) located in the Floriday Keys

Craig & Scott from N.J. had a nice dinner last night I am sure. They said they had a awesome time aboard the "Drop Back" with Capt. Jon Reynolds and his first mate Zack

John W, John W P, Jason H, Jason M, Dustin L, and Andy L came all the way from Michigan to catch 18 Mahi Mahi and 17 tuna aboard the "Play Baby" with Capt. Benny Spaulding and his first mate Rooster. Way to go guys!!
Chris, Jim and Matt also from Michigan caught 26 Mahi Mahi and 1 Blackfin tuna
Terri, Dana, Pam and David from Ft Lauderdale, FL on a Get-a-way weekend for Mothers Day.
Nice Catch!
Some nice Tripltail (great eating) caught by Chad and Bernie with the help of Capt Larry Wren (on right) and first mate TIKI
Matt Swift and his sons caught a bunch of Mahi Mahi aboard the "Gold Reserve" with Capt. Kevin Brown and his first mate Coleman
Art and Neris from Miami joined Michael Allan from Texas to catch this 31lb Mahi Mahi aboard the "Legasea" with Capt Joey Spaulding (right)
Way to go guys!

Jim, Matt, and Chris from Michigan caught a whopping 86lb Amberjack aboard the Phoebe with Capt. Frank Dudi and his mate Jason
Jake from N.J. was among Capt. John Taskowitz (Gray t-shirt) and his crew Capt Troy (right) and first mate Pat (left) when he caught these delicous Yellowtail snappers.
Another great angler, Jacey from Boyton Beach FL, caught this 52lb Mahi Mahi with the help of  Capt. Steve Leopold (black shirt) and the mates, Jessica (right) and Fred (left)
No fish tail there!

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