Saturday, May 14, 2016

Capt.Cliff Sez for friday the 13th @ Post Card Inn in Islamorada Fla.

The Chicago 4 fished a full day on the Leagsea catching a mixed bag of Black Grouper, Red Grouper,Yellowtail Snapper and Grey trigger.
Kenny, Ryan,Arie and Jasen had a fine day with lot's of Filletes for the table

A fine catch of Mahi and blackfin tuna
Captain Benny and his crew kept Scott,Carty, Julio And Rami busy on this lucky 13th

The every where boys , Mark ,Andy, Tom and Eddie captured A YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER Dinner and Along the way battled a nice size 31 pound amberjack and two fiesty Jaxck Crevelles on an Early Bird special

A fine speciment of an Oceanic Bonita caught on the Drop Back , one of the biggest seen in a while

No Bad Habits here on this 13th  , a 31 pound Bull Dolphin along with his harem of cow dolphin --great job fine eating and tight lines

Capt. Cliff Sez till next time , Book a charter on our fine Poat Card Inn  Charters  Boat
just phone 305-664-2321 Ask for the offshore  charter booking office

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