Sunday, May 15, 2016

From the POST CARD INN in Islamorada Florida , Capt. Cliff Sez for 5/14/16

Due to an unexpected mishap with the "Official Post Card Camera" there will just be a few pictures today.
It slipped out of the old cappy hands and fell into the charter basin, there was a big splash and the silver "Official Camera" I believe was swallowed by one of the 70-100 Pound tarpon that lives here, I thought I saw the flash going off so he may of been taking pictures of us!
I have one or two pictures that were emailed to us right from the boat  and they will be at the end.

It's a shame because every boat in the charter fleet here at PCI was booked and fishing,looking up and down the dock I can see just about every species represented with the mahi being the most caught.
Groupers, Yellowtail  Snapper some Blackfin tuna----Lot's of fine eating for supper!

An idea of what is going to happen over the next three months is this
The dolphin/mahi are just going to get better and better with that comes our offshore Billfish migration----everyone always thinks  Sailfish but it is time to think about " Big MO"[300lb +Blue Marlin] and his  littler cousin namely White Marlin!

The schoolie dolphin , Small blackfins, Bonita are out there in the rips and under the weed lines and that is what "big Mo" likes to eat.
The charter boats start fishing further offshore and the High Speed lures go into the water and your in the zone!
The added bonus is you get to catch those schoolies and tuna for the table and the freezer!
Your chances of catching a white or a blue is way up there----here is the skinny on it ---
one white has already been caught already on the Bad Habit---- sitings of Blue marlin are going on now but so far they have been finicky but they are SHOWING UP
Time to plan your Charter now and get your reservation set!

Another Summer/ Fall bill fish that gets better and better is Swordfish  both night and daytime and Post Card Inn  has a number of boats that love nothing more then to due battle with the Swords

All of this is going on at peak summer Charter season so you have to book your trip early!
Weekends go first so BOOK EARLY---the old cappy likes weekdays best ,less competition from other boats!

Book you Post Card Inn rooms when you book your Fishing Charter --large groups can be accommodated just book early!
Leave early in the Am and get back early to lounge by the pool with an adult beverage a short cast away!
 Football player Manuel Sanders and party evening Tarpon /Shark fishing on the Gold Reserve
 Nice catch od Bull Dolpin and schoolies aboard the Drop Back!

Book your Post Card Inn offshore charters early
Don't forget your rooms call 305-664-2321 ask for reservations
call 305-664-2321  ext 6642 direct to the offshore booking office
Try emailing
Capt Cliff will see you next week at the Post Card Inn ,Islamorada Florida

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