Friday, May 27, 2016

Post Card Inn fishing report at the start of Memorial Day Weekend

The old Cappy is back after a few days off but I have kept up with the goin's on around the PCI dock!
Again short and sweet--it is a DOLPHIN/MAHI  spotlight!
FISHIN and CATCHIN, CATCHIN and FISHIN THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT THESE DAYS----I see a smattering of Triple tail and ocean Barracuda mixed in!
Half day-three quater or fullday they are all catching very well just a matter of how many filletes you want to take home with you
Stiil a few boats available for the weekend give us a jingle or stop down to the Dock and see for yourself!
now just a couple of pictures to whet your appetite!

How Did That AMBERJACK get in the picture about 50 pounds there about!

Another Double rack of Dolphin For the Drop Back--HMMMM GOOD!

Well like I said short and sweet
Get out and let's go fishin and catchin
to book a book just send an email or call

or call

The old Cappy is standin by for your call 

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